Hello and welcome to "Heads or Tales" the website of DeeAnn and Zachary Fuchs, a mother and son team who suddenly decided to start writing fiction in 2011.  Yes, I did say a mother and son team. Coauthoring a story with most anyone can bring its own set of challenges, but add the dynamics between a determined parent and a stubborn child and... Well,  you just might need the flip of a coin to come to a compromise.


So whether you know both of us personally, or know someone who knows us, or accidently hit the wrong button and ended up on this page; we encourage you to stay and have a look around our humble little website.


And so the first stone along the path has been set and a dream has in part become a reality.

                                      Us. After finishing our first book, "Essarai"


I was incredibly impressed. I've just purchased the second book in the series, and can't wait to see what happens next! Absolutely recommended for fantasy lovers as well as for more skeptic readers-its a classic adventure story that will not disappoint.

                                     A fan on,"Essarai" who may be sucking up just a bit : )


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